QCFP Top Five Tips For Selling Your Home The Conventional Way

QCFP Top Five Tips For Selling Your Home The Conventional Way

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QCFP will buy any type of home anywhere in the UK but if you are looking for a sale on the open market and want to maximise the potential price you will receive for your property you should follow these simple tips.

QCFP Top Tip No 1: The First Impression

Whether they are passing your home and notice the For Sale board or see a photo online or in an estate agents window, the first impression a buyer has of your property will be the exterior and this will determine whether they take it further and want to look inside.

Whilst you property is up for sale keep the lawn mowed and weeded and consider adding some flower beds or hanging baskets.  You may need to paint the doors, windows or exteriors and clear gutters.

QCFP Top Tip Number 2: De-Clutter

This is the cheapest and most effective way to make your home more likely to sell.  Going for the minimalist approach makes your property look larger and buyers will find it easier to visualise their own belongings inside.  Homes also look more attractive when the clutter is removed.  Box up excess toys and consider taking down family photos.  Always ensure the house, including the bedrooms are tidy.  Keep work surfaces and tables clean and clear.

QCFP Top Tip Number 3: Clean, Fresh and Neutral

Now is the time to get your carpets cleaned. It’s worth considering getting the professionals in for a deep clean as there are always bits we miss and a one off clean from a domestic company can have your house looking sparkly and smelling really fresh. Animal fur on carpets and beds is a particular turn off.

You may love your fancy wallpaper but the chances are your new buyer wont share your taste.  Most properties sell well when they are neutrally painted and decorated.

QCFP Top Tip Number 4:  Clear your home – of smells and people!

Try not to let your home smell of animals, smoke or strong smelling food like curries.  Give your home a good air before you expect visitors and remove pet beds, food or litter trays. A bunch of flowers on a cleared kitchen table can give just enough of an essence without the overpowering smells of air fresheners oil, or incense burners which should all be avoided.

The more people that are in your home, the smaller it will look.  Plus potential buyers will want to have a look around without feeling that they are being watched.  Try to get as many people and animals, particularly children and dogs out of the way whilst viewings are taking place.

QCFP Top Tip Number 5: Be Prepared For Questions

Some buyers are likely to bombard you with questions about your home.  You should know when the boiler was last serviced, what council tax band it is and how much it costs, who are the utility suppliers and whether there have been any alterations made.  Also try to be knowledgeable about the local area such as the schools, public transport and amenities.

QCFP Conclusion

QCFP know that doing all of the above can be costly and time consuming. The condition or state of your property does not matter to us.  We guarantee to make you an offer for your home regardless of its state of repair.


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